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Neem Gum

Gum is a by product obtained as a result of certain metabolic mechanism of plants and trees. The Neem bark, due to some internal activity discharges a clear, bright and brown-coloured gum. The gum is a multipurpose by product. Natural gum obtained from plants are either water soluble or absorb water to form a viscous solution. Neem has been commercially tapped for using its gum which is of use in large number of industries. It is being grown on a large scale basis for using all its parts, no wonder it is called a 'Universal Tree' having a cure for almost everything. It has been used traditionally as a adhesive for paintings.

Use of Neem Gum in Industries
Cosmetic Industry : Used in facial masks, lotions, face powder, protective creams.

Paper Industry : Used as an adhesive and strengthening the paper.

Pharmaceutical Industry : Used in antiseptic creams, tablet binder, and coater.

Textile Industry : Used in dyeing and printing of fabrics.

Personal Hygiene Industry : Used in soaps, tooth paste, tooth powders.

Food Industry : Used as a stabilizing agent, gels and thickening agent.

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